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The Major Considerations in Terms of Perfume Boxes


Perfume business is a difficult one especially when you see that in men perfumes as well as women perfumes, a few big brand names have made it to the top and to make it to the top might be harder than making to the top of the Normandy bunkers back in World War II.


If you have chosen the perfume business, you have to do your level’s best to reach to the top and I am not going to give you tips on how to make best perfumes, but I have a secret to share with you.

All of us know this secret bit still, a few of us tend to forget it. A product does not sell itself; it is the packaging that sells the product. Packaging establishes the first contact between the customer and the product and if the packaging is dull then the product will never manage to sell.


The good packaging does the job; it attracts the target customers and it paves the way for a good opinion of the product and if the product is even half as good as packaging, it sells. Same goes for the perfume boxes.

A perfume box bears a product that is actually considered a gift product. People present perfumes to the friends, family, colleagues, bosses, study fellows and loved ones on special occasions.

Considering the importance of this product, it is only wise to pack it in a box which is just as delicate, decorative and creatively made the perfume.


The shape and finish of the perfume box is not the only consideration, there is some other very important point as well. Starting from the appearance of perfume beauty boxes, we will discuss all of them one by one.

Let us have a look:

  1. Material

The best shape, design, and finish cannot achieve any good results unless the material is equally good to extend the cause and market the product at just as good a level as a good design, shape or finish will do.

Material matters a lot and for this, you should choose cardboard because Kraft or corrugated fiberboard will simply not accept any printing.

An even better choice could be the rigid box material. This material is very well known for being used in gift boxes. This is a very fine and rigid material which appears way better and sturdier than the formal wholesale perfume boxes.

  1. Design & Finish

The design and the finish of perfume boxes matter a lot in case of sales. These are the exact type of boxes that you need to appeal the end users of the product, compel them to consider the product and make them repeat customers. Design and finish of good packaging also compensate for somewhat inferior design and quality of the product.

  1. Protection

So, this consideration is not for sales, but for something just as important as sales: the protection of the product. Since all of the perfumes (apart from a few exceptions) come packed in glass bottles and containers, they are extremely vulnerable to impact.

In case a bottle gets a crack, it may leak and thus you will lose your product before ever it makes to the customer and it will be a lost cause: no money. To avoid this situation, you can either opt for thick layers of cardboard sheets or you can go for rigid box packaging with internal casing to leave no room for the perfume to move.

So, these basic considerations should be given a thought to before ever you go for getting some perfume packaging boxes for your perfumes.